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 31. The word “carnivorous”(Para. 2) is closest in meaning to “”.

A.nutritious B.bug-eating C.plant-eating D.attractive

32.Which statement would the author most likely agree with? 

A.There are too many species of carnivorous plants. 

B.There are too few plant species in the world.

C.Only a small number of plant species are carnivorous.

D.The majority of plants are carnivorous.

33.Carnivorous plants get their nutrients mainly from  .   

A.Other plants B.the soil C.the sun D.their prey

34.Which of the following best expresses the main idea of the third paragraph ?

A.There are many studies of carnivorous plants .

B.The pitcher plant tricks bugs into its stomach     

C.The pitcher plant kills its prey in various ways.

D.Some plants attract bugs by offering them nectar.  

35. As can be inferred,the corkscrew’s chamber for digestion is located.

A. somewhere towards its root B. somewhere towards its top

C. inside its flowers D. inside its leaves

Passage Four

Perenity (宁静)is difficult to find in today’s fast-paced world. A moment of complete calm seems to be a rare and wonderful find. For me, those precious moments occur on a boat. As legendary sailor Vito Dumas once said: “It’s out there at sea that you are really yourself.” On deck, enjoying awe-inspiring views, the cares of everyday life blown away on the sea breeze, you can appreciate his point.

Flying is a misery. From airport chaos to the confined space of an aircraft, nothing about commercial aviation appeals to my sense of adventure—or comfort. Favouring boat travel isn´t just about managing flight fear, though. Whether I’m on a short ferry crossing or a cruise, the sea provides a true sense of travel, from the impressive physical shift of a ship leaving port to its navigation of the open water. “We are tied to the ocean,”John F. Kennedy said. As my ship steers towards an exciting new destination, I feel that affinity. And I’m not alone. “The journey is part of the holiday,”says travel writer Helen Ochyra. I’ll stand out on deck, whatever the weather, and watch the ropes being untied, the boat slipping away from the dock and the landscape drifting farther and farther away.” Tom Bourlet,founder of the Spaghetti Traveller blog, agrees:“On a plane,it’s difficult to make out much more than grassland; on the ferry, there is something exciting about seeing land slowly getting closer.” For Cathy Winston, travel editor, ifs about the sense of adventure .“Even on a fairly simple journey from A to B, she says, “wide wide, open sea makes it feel like you could be off to discover new lands. There’s a certain romance you don’t get on a plane or on a motorway.” Winston also values the family-friendly aspects of sea travel. “There´s something so relaxing about being on the water, especially with kids,” she says. Whether it’s for kid-happy convenience or sheer romance, boats will always be the preferred mode of transport for many travellers. A boat gets me where I want to go, avoiding the rush—and terror—of air travel. And out on the waves, as reality melts away, I always rediscover my own passion for the sea.

36. Which aspect of sea travel is emphasized in the first paragraph?

A.Extraordinary view. B.Complete freedom.

C.Peace of mind. D.Sense of adventure.

37.The word “affinity”(Para. 2) is closest in meaning to “

A.strong emotion B.close connection C.sheer excitement D.impressive moment

38.Who is deeply impressed while watching the boat leaving the dock?

A.Helen Ochyra.B.Vito Dumas.

C.Cathy Winston.D.John F. Kennedy.

39.According to Tom Bourlet, sea travel is better than air travel in that it

A.enables people to engage in deeper thought passengers a better chance to relax

C.provides a more comfortable environment

D.offers a clearer view of the landscape

40.According to the last two paragraphs, sea travel has all the following benefits EXCEPT

A. being family-friendly B. satisfying an adventurous heart

C. promoting a healthy lifestyle D. providing relaxation

Section B

Directions:In this section,you are required to read one quoted blog and the comments on it.The blog and comments are followed by questions or unfinished statements,each with four suggested answer A,B,C and D.Choose the best answer and mark your answer on the Answer Sheet.

At SXSW, the tech and culture conference in Austin, London Mayor Sadiq Khan criticized big tech companies and regulators for failing to stem the spread of hate, misinformation and radical viewpoints online.

The mayor said that governments have been in “derelictionof duty” when it comes to passing regulations to combat the ways technology has negatively affected society. “One of the biggest problems over the last few years is that politicians and governments have just been passive—sitting on their hands—while the tech revolution has happened around them,”Khan said in his remarks.

Ultimately, he said, it’s up to governments to work with technology businesses and leaders to make sure that technological advancement has the proper checks.

Social media firms are already under new regulatory pressure in Europe, thanks to German laws enacted in January that will fine companies that don´t take down problematic content within 24 hours of it being reported.

Khan did not call for this type of regulation but warned that even stricter regulation could be on its way if companies don´t respond to government concerns.“Ultimately—there must be greater responsibility taken by some tech companies for the impact they’re having on the world.”

Comment 1:

Looking at this from the point of view of “industry regulation” is simply flawed. At the core of this, it is individuals who are making choices to “post” each and every time. What our society seems to have lost is a sense of personal responsibility.

Comment 2:

It’s not exactly easy to implement laws that targets content online. The bigger issue is that law enforcement simply doesn’t have the resources to act on all these crimes happening on the Internet.

Comment 3:

1 agree that technology has failed us in at least one very important way: Twitter, Facebook, et al, published and continues to publish untruths and fake “news”, that some people assume are accurate. They must do something.

Comment 4:

The companies at issue promote the content being objected to. That is the content that drives their revenues and profits. So self-regulation just never works without the threat of harsh regulation.

Comment 5:

Information and Communications Technology (ICT), through its evolution, has generally been perceived as beneficial, furthering progress and the common good. But, ICT has not had the foresight to see how the evolving industry can produce unintended consequences. It’s time for ICT to step up. 

41. The word“dereliction”(Para.2) probably means “”.

A.deliberate neglect B. potential abuse

C. constant misjudgment D. apparent misunderstanding

42. What does Khan emphasize with his remarks in the last paragraph?

A.Strict British regulation. 

B.German-style regulatory laws. 

C.Government-industry cooperation. 

D.Self-regulation of the industry.

43.According to Comment 1, who is to blame for the spread of misinformation?

A.Businesses. B.Individuals. C.Government officials. D.Industry leaders.

44.Which of the comments favors strict government regulation?  

A.Comment 2.B.Comment 3.C.Comment 4.D.Comment5.

45.Which comments agree with Khan on the role of tech companies?

A.Comments 1and 4.B.Comments 2 and 3.C.Comments 4and 5.D.Comments 3 and 5.

Part IV Cloze(10 points)

Directions:In this part,there is a passage with ten blanks.For each blank there are four choices marked A,B,C,and D.Choose the best answer for each blank and mark your answer on the Answer Sheet.

Every day, they slowly accumulate. Plates covered in sauces and bread pieces. Bowls with a fine layer of who-knows-what. Forks, knives, and spoons all stuck with bits of this and that. At the end of a long day of work, cooking, cleaning, and, for many, negotiating with small children, a couple has to 46 the big question: Who is going to do the 47 ?

A recent report on family dynamics suggests that the answer to that question can have a significant impact48the health and long lasting of a relationship. The study examined a variety of different household tasks,49_ shopping,laundry and housecleaning, and found that, for women in families, ifs more important to50the responsibility of doing the dishes than any other task. Women who washthe vast majority of the dishes themselves report 51 relationship conflict and less relationship satisfaction thanwomen with husbands 52 help. Women are happier

about sharing dishwashing53than they are about sharing any other household task.

What is it about dishes? Dan Carlson, assistant professor of family and consumer studies at the University of Utah, and the lead author of the study, offers his own observations: “Doing dishes is gross. 54 , unlike some other

household tasks such as cooking or gardening, doing dishes well does not 55praises.”

46. A.make B. ask C.face

47. A.cookingB. laundry C.homework D.dishes

48. A.onB. for

49. A.requiring B. including C.undertaking D.organizing

50. B. shoulder C.take D.share

51. A.less B. fewer C.further D.more

52. A.which B. who C.what D.whom

53. A.duties B. problems C.questions D.troubles

54. A.Seemingly B. However C.Besides D.Finally

55. A.demand B.generate C.mention D.provide

Part V Text Completion(20 points)

Directions:In this part,there are three incomplete texts with 20 questions(Ranging from 56 to75).Above each textthere are three or four phrases to be completed.First,use the choices provided in the box to complete the phrases.Second,use the completed phrases to fill in the blanks of the text.Mark your answer on the Answer Sheet.

Text One plentiful B.showered with rings


A.the bride and groom often56.

B.where the food is57

C.the couple is often58handfuls of uncooked rice

Wedding ceremonies in the United States vary as much as the people do. But many weddings, no matter where or how they are performed, include certain traditional customs. For instance,  59   at the ceremony. The rings are usually worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, and are exchanged in the middle of the ceremony.

After the ceremony,60by friends and family. Rice, as we know, shows productivity and harvest. And then, there is often a party,61that it almost takes the attention away from the people.

Text Two

A.who B.only C.the way


A.That number(62)increases

B.they change(63)their brains work

C.children(64)use too much technology

More than a third of children under the age of two use mobile media.(65)as children age, with 95% of teens 12-17 spending time online.

The time spent with technology doesn´t just give kids novel ways of doing things; it can lead to distraction and decreased memory. For example, while video games may condition the brain to pay attention to multiple stimuli,(66).

Children who always use search engines may become very good at finding information—but not very good at remembering it. In addition,67may not have enough opportunities to use their imagination or to read and think deeply about the material.

Text Three

A.temperature B.special C.think D.other


A.have created a(68)technique

B.(69)of eating the peel a freezing cold(70)

It almost seems too hard to believe, but there is now a banana that has an eatable peel. Most people would never(72)of a banana. However, banana farmers in Japan(73)for growing bananas with a peel we can eat.

Farmers in Okayama, in the west of Japan, keep their banana trees(74)of -60°C. The farmers then replant the trees in 27℃ temperatures. The huge change in temperature makes the tree suddenly grow too quickly for the peel to fully mature. This makes the skin thin, soft and sweet enough to eat. Bananas are the most popular fruit in Japan.

(75)Japan imports most of its bananas. About 99% of bananas in Japanese stores are imported. The new technique could mean Japanese people eat more home-grown bananas.

Paper Two


Part VI Translation(10 points) 

Direetions: Translate the following passage into Chinese. Write your answer on the Answer Sheet.

It´s harder and harder to find peace and, especially, quiet. Even in the most remote parts of Alaska the sound of a jet crossing overhead is all too common. Scientists set off across the U.S. to stuly the audio ecology. They recarded more than a miion hours of sound from various sources.

They found that noise pollution is not good for people and it´s even worse for animals with more sensitive cars. And the problem is not confined to land but echoes acrwas the seas as well, where human-produced noise interftres with the lives of warious owean dvelers. These days on Earsh it´s rare to hear "silence",

Part VII Writing (15 point)

Directioas: Write a compastion in no less than 150 words on the topie: The ldeal Public Librays You couil write accarding to the clues given belowe write your compasitian an the Answer Sheet.

A library is a place in which reading materials, such as bwoks, pericodicals, and newspapers, and often other materials such as musical and video recordings, are kept for use or lending. Describe the public library you would like to have in your neighborhood.